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Sapphire basically are from the corrundum family and are found in different colors. The best variety of sapphires are sourced from select mines in few geographical locations like Ceylone (Currently SriLanka), Mosambique, Thailand & Kashmir. We source the best sapphire rough to manufacture fine variety of sapphires in all shades of blue, pink, green and yellow. We take bulk orders for calibrated and custom shapes, and shades. We also make custom free far sizes for specific jewellery requirement.

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Emeralds are beautiful green precious gemstones. Emerald is one amongst the Beryl family gemstone and is generally rare. Emeralds are found in few select areas in the world like Columbia and Brazil in South America, Zambia in Africa. The art of cutting is best nurtured by those who know the skill to generald better yeilds of fine color and lusture from the heavy inclusion gemstone roughs. The hardness of emerald is comparitively low and it has to be carefully crafted. We manufacture and deal in all variety, shapes, sizes and callibrations.

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Since ancient times the red color has been related to ruby. Ruby belongs to the corrundum family and is next in hardness level after diamond. The shades in ruby ranges from pigeon blood red to beautiful pink. The best rubys are mined from Burma which is comparitively extremely rare. Mosambique is also well known for some of the fine rubies. The color itself indicates the source and the mine which can be identified well by the jewellers. We can manage global demands of custom size and shapes in ruby.


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